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Why StreetEyes?
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People are talking, texting, eating, drinking, fixing hair and make up, reading e-mails, tending to kids and performing other distracting activities while driving. Multi-tasking has become the norm in our busy lives and unfortunately it has transferred to our vehicles. This is creating hazards on our roadways like never before. Where does it stop? How do we end this dangerous behavior?

Get the facts... 

Many states have adopted and implemented laws making it illegal to text and drive, which is a great start but certainly not the solution. With nearly every person owning a cell phone today and texting being the preferred method of communicating (especially amongst teens), the risks of distracted driving are greater than ever for all of us. Click on the The Department of Transportation website and watch the videos of families affected by distracted drivers. These stories will break your heart.

The statistics surrounding teen drivers are frightening. If you aren't aware of the facts please click on The Centers for Disease Control website, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety website and the AAA website Keys-2-Drive and you will understand the need for our service. Our teens are dying in automobile crashes at an alarming and ever increasing rate. To date, there is no single solution that can change the driving behavior of a teen. The only way to stop a teen from driving risky is to not allow the teen to drive at all. Parents are the only ones who can take the keys away from the teen for unsafe driving. The problem is there is no effective way for parents to know exactly how their teen is driving when they are in the vehicle with without the parents. Until now that is! Our service is the tool parents can use to monitor their teen driver and determine if the teen is driving safely.

If your concern is a senior driver, the links provided above also offer information and statistics related to senior drivers . Please take a moment to read the information offered by these respected agencies. Experts agree that driving ability generally begins to diminish at the age of 55. Natural changes that occur with aging – deteriorating eyesight, hearing loss and slower reflexes may contribute to a senior becoming a higher risk driver. Don't let your loved ones hurt themselves or anyone else. Let us show you how they perform behind the wheel of the car so you can decide as a family what steps to take next.

Many businesses rely on vehicles to carry out their day to day operations. Many of these companies employ drivers that may pose a risk to others and to the business itself. Insurance costs are directly related to the driving records of the employees driving the vehicles. The liability exposure a business faces with regard to an automobile accident is enormous. One serious accident can virtually wipe a company out. Don't take chances with risky drivers in your operation – protect your assets and the public. Lower insurance rates and workers' compensation costs, improved risk management, increased productivity and lower vehicle maintenance costs are a few of the benefits of being a StreetEyes customer.

Important links in this section:

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